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What we Offer

The discipline of dance training improves muscle tone, posture, coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Other benefits are increased self-confidence and musical awareness. Here are the classes we offer:


2022-2023 Class List

Creative Movement (ages 3-4)

 An unstylized approach to developing basic motor skills which allows for the creativity of the child within a structure that builds basic dance experience.


PreBallet (ages 5-6)...  Preparation for classical ballet which includes some basic ballet technique as well as creative movement.


Classical Ballet... A system of traditional dance steps and movement handed down over hundreds of years to train the body as a performing instrument. Ballet training develops strength, proper posture, flexibility, and coordination. Our carefully paced classes are designed to make ballet enjoyable and accessible for students of all ages.

Pointe (on the toes)... An extension of classical ballet.

Lyrical (ages 9 up)

An expressive contemporary genre of dance that focuses on control and fluidity of movement. Heavily concentrated in ballet and jazz technique, dancers will develop their musicality, advance their performance skills and solidify their artistry through an understanding of expressing emotions through movement.


A truly American born and refined dance style which ranges from the lyrical soft shoe of Astaire and Rogers to the high intensity movement of television’s dance reality shows. Jazz blends popular music and current dance trends with the polish and technique of performance dance. The result is the exciting stylized dance that you see on television and the Broadway stage.

Hip Hop

Based on street dance styles such as “Locking,” “Popping,” and “Break,” it is primarily performed to Hip Hop music. A must for any dance student who wants to stay in step with the current dance moves!

Modern Dance

A contemporary approach to dance training. Skill building in modern dance allows dancers to acquire technique while developing movement vocabulary. Principles of conditioning, alignment, and musicality make modern dance a great form of athletic artistry.

Tap (ages 5 through adult)

An original American dance form that lets you use your body as a rhythm instrument. With an emphasis on fancy footwork and sound, tap develops agility, musicality, and stylized movement. You will study basic exercises, time steps, and razzmatazz that make tap so much fun.

Swing (teenage up)

Learn the mechanics of leading and following in one of the most versatile partner dances around. Vernacular jazz and the Swing Shim Sham will also be included - no partner required!

Theatre Dance (ages 9-18)

Fundamentals of music theatre dance, voice, and act- ing will be explored. This class will include elements of American Jazz, Ballet, Fosse Jazz, body conditioning, vocal technique, musicality, scene work, and improvisation. More advanced students will participate in mock auditions and learn how to prepare a resume and choose headshots.

Performing Companies

Rug Cutters

Company level classes.

Nexus Contemporary

Company level classes.

Nexus Apprentice

Company level classes.

Nexus Premiere

Company level classes.

Junior Rhythm Keepers

Company level classes.

Rhythm Keepers

Company level classes.

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