PreBallet (ages 5-6)...  Preparation for classical ballet which includes some basic ballet technique as well as creative movement


Classical Ballet... A system of traditional dance steps and movement handed down over hundreds of years to train the body as a performing instrument. Ballet training develops strength, proper posture, flexibility and coordination. Because ballet teaches basic dance vocabulary and proper body placement, it is an excellent foundation for all other dance forms. Our carefully paced classes make ballet enjoyable and accessible for students of all ages.


A truly American born and refined dance style which ranges from the lyrical soft shoe of Astaire and Rogers to the high intensity movement of So You Think You Can Dance. Jazz blends popular music and current dance trends with the polish and technique of performance dance. The result is the exciting stylized stage dance that you see on television and the Broadway stage.

Hip Hop

A fun, interactive class focusing on dance fundamentals, rhythm and movement, and performance aspects of Hip Hop dance. Starting with the basic building blocks and moving on to more advanced positions, concepts, terms, and moves, this class helps students find their comfort zone and move beyond it. Dancers will hone in on musicality, exploring variations of beats and tempos. As they train for an ensemble stage performance, the group will have a “movin’ and groovin’ experience!”

Modern Dance

Modern Dance (ages 7 through adult)... contemporary approach to dance training. Skill building in modern dance allows dancers to acquire technique while developing movement vocabulary. Principles of conditioning, alignment and musicality make modern dance a great form of athletic artistry.

Tap (ages 5 through adult)

An original American dance form that lets you use your body as a rhythm instrument. With an emphasis on fancy footwork and sound, tap develops agility, musicality and stylized movement. You will study basic exercises, time steps and razzmatazz that make tap so much fun.

My Family and Me (adult caregiver and age 2)

Mommy or Daddy or Grandma or Nanny can share the joy of movement with your two-year-old! This class teaches fun movements that guide developing bodies towards greater coordination and dexterity. Loose clothing and bare feet are all that are required, although two-year-olds often enjoy having tights and ballet shoes.

Creative Movement (ages 3-4)

An unstylized approach to developing basic motor skills which allows for the creativity of the child within a structure that builds basic dance experience.

Theatre Dance (6th through 10th graders)

Emphasis on a wide range of movement possibilities for all types of plays and musicals. This class covers all the bases. The curriculum includes a warm-up that combines ballet, modern dance and jazz to familiarize the students with those genres and develop alignment. The basics of tap and ballroom dance will be introduced to increase coordination and the ability to partner. Students will explore the presentation of dance used in plays and musicals and cover some of the basics of pantomime, character movement and stage combat.

Ballroom Dance (teens through adults)

The mechanics of leading and following in traditional partner dances including foxtrot waltz, salsa, swing, rumba and cha-cha.

Body Conditioning

This is a group fitness class which applies body conditioning and functional trainingtoenhancecore strength, balance and flexibility. And, it’s fun!

Performing Companies

Rug Cutters

Company level classes.


Company level classes.

Junior Ensemble

Company level classes.

Apprentice Ensemble

Company level classes.

Junior Rhythm Keepers

Company level classes.

Rhythm Keepers

Company level classes.

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