Download the Zoom application to your computer and/or device. Visit to download the software. If the software is not installed, it will have users perform this step when joining your first class/session. Having a Zoom account is not necessary. However, it would not hurt and it allows you to get familiar with the application and interface prior to your first class. Use the below links to help prepare your environment to use Zoom.

Zoom Download
Zoom Tutorial
Zoom Tricks
Step 1:

To join a scheduled class, the family/student must login to the DSOB Jackrabbit Parent Portal site. If one has forgotten their password, the portal offers a link to reset password. For additional Portal details, please visit our Parent Portal page.

Step 2:

Once logged in the Parent Portal, navigate to the student's schedule and select the class in question. The class card will contain a link to the online class. Clicking on this link will launch the Zoom session for this specific class.

Sample Jackrabbit Class Card
Step 3:

After clicking on the class link within the Parent Portal will load the Zoom site. Please follow the instructions presented

Step 4:

Good luck, enjoy your class, and be safe!