Let’s Tap! 2021

February 23, 2021

Published by DSOB

Let’s Tap! 2021 - TOGETHER WE RISE

Streaming Friday, March 26-Sunday March 28, 2021

As the director of the Rhythm Keepers and Junior Rhythm Keepers tap companies of Decatur City Dance, I am very excited to present the 8th annual production of Let’s Tap! Our hoofers, along with our guest performers the Rug Cutters, directed by Birda Ringstad, are ready to share their hard work and talent in this year’s online format.

During the summer of 2020, while I was locked down in my home, the time had come to choose a theme for the 2021 production of Let’s Tap. I must say it was difficult to see myself in March of 2021 presenting a joyful, entertaining experience. I, we, the community and the country were in the midst of a pandemic, social injustice awakening, and a very divided country. I had to shift my focus to my company members to envision what our journey would be when our season began in August 2020 through the unknown of March 2021. I was clear that we had to get through this journey “Together” and we had to “Rise” above the struggles of health, masks, Zoom, loss of in-person schooling, sports and social interactions. Out of that narrow focus emerged the 2021 Let’s Tap theme TOGETHER WE RISE. Each dance in the show represents the various ways we come together as people and how that support, love and acceptance holds us up and makes us ALL stronger. My hope is that our performing company of students, mothers, healthcare workers, brothers, sisters, community members, US citizens, and world citizens will touch the hearts of all that watch with a laugh or a tear and remind us all that TOGETHER WE RISE. We invite you to stream with us March 26ththrough the 28th and please be ready to join us for the Shim Sham at the end of the show!

Let’s Tap!

Kyme Hersi-Sallid