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August 1, 2021

Published by DSOB

  • We will begin the year with universal masking. At such time the virus is better controlled, we will contact the classes eligible for optional mask usage.

  • Distancing will be relaxed in classes 12-up. We will still utilize a Zoom rotation for classes that are oversized, particularly at the Church Street location. We encourage all dancers to return to dance in person. However, all classes will have Zoom codes available through the parent portal. Zoom will also be allowed for dancers who need to make up a class (please receive pre-approval from your dance\teacher). There will be no Zoom-only classes this season.

  • Distancing will be set at least at 3 feet for ages 3-11.

  • We will continue to monitor and record temperatures as dancers enter the buildings; While we will not maintain one way traffic this year, all classes have staggered start and end times, so there should be limited interactions between classes.

  • New students will provide us with a COVID waiver. Existing students do not need to provide a new waiver.

  • Lobbies/dressing rooms are still closed to waiting family members and dancers younger than 12. Should younger dancers arrive for class early, please remain outside with a parent or guardian until the office staff invites dancers in. Fully vaccinated dancers who are over the age of 12 may wait in the dressing rooms and waiting areas if they provide proof of vaccination to the office. A note from their doctor or showing their vaccination card will suffice (we will not keep a copy of vaccination cards, as these are considered medical records). Masking is required in all common areas.

  • Each of the four dance studios are equipped with ionic air purifiers. Fans will also be used to circulate air in each studio and the lobbies.

  • Cleaning protocol - We will wipe down ballet barres with alcohol after EACH ballet class. We will spray and mop the floor with alcohol at the end of each dance day. Additionally, garbage will be removed and frequently touched surfaces will be wiped with strong cleaner.

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