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While we are still in the pandemic, we are infinitely better equipped to handle it in the fall of 2022! You may still have questions about our procedures, so I will try to answer them below.

  • Masks are optional in our buildings and in our classes. Please use your own comfort level as a guide. However, the studio will not be providing masks upon entry this year.

  • We are not providing Zoom classes this season.

  • Our lobbies and dressing rooms are open!

  • Parents may resume observing in their dancer’s class(es). Each student may have a parent/grandparent observe 3 times during the year. Please do not bring younger siblings when observing. While we do not require you to schedule your visit, as a courtesy please check with the teacher prior to observing.

  • Please do not send a dancer who is sick. Dancers who miss for reasons such as illness, out of town, a special school function, etc. may make up in a comparable class.

  • Please pick up your dancer promptly after class.

  • Each of our four dance studios are equipped with air purifiers. We will continue to circulate air with floor fans and open windows and doors as appropriate.

  • We will continue to wipe down the barres after each ballet class and will spray the floors with appropriate cleaner/alcohol and mop at the end of each dance day.

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